Pilfran Machine Shop Inc.
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Corporate Info

About Pilfran

Pilfran is a modern, machine shop dedicated to the design, manufacture, fabrication of high quality machinery components. We create prototypes and perform machining using metal, plastic and other engineering materials for clients of varied industries, and we use no less than state-of-the-art equipment like CNC machines. With our expertise, we provide repair and modification services that none can equal. We are committed to giving you products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, while promising excellent value.

Pilfran takes prides in establishing long-term, profitable relationships with its customers and suppliers. We are a leader in the machining industry with a proud and illustrious history, and an equally stellar reputation as we commit to remaining in the forefront through our maxim of exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and unparalleled quality.

It is time you find out for yourself why Pilfran is a known industry leader and innovator for almost half a century.


In 1965, Pilfran Trading was established by spouses Egmidio Fabian Pilapil and Felisa Francisco Pilapil. The demand of the local manufacturing industry for high quality custom-made machine components was the impetus the Company was quick to recognize and address - providing quality comparative to imported products but with very competitive pricing, while at that time, pioneering the 24-hour service 365 days a year concept in the industry.

Sheer determination, faith in the Filipino worker's ingenuity and craftsmanship, and competitiveness, kept Pilfran afloat through the rough times, but made it soar through the years - outliving many of its contemporaries and competitors.

Pilfran today is a paragon with the second generation Pilapil-Francisco at the helm. Demanding but satisfied clients span the entire Philippines and their number just keeps growing...

Presidents Message

Thank you for visiting our website. Pilfran has been developing businesses throughout the Philippine market as an enterprise that provides total manufacturing and repair solutions for the backend processing of manufacturing companies through the accumulation and fusion of various technologies.

It has established its position as a manufacturing and repair company by producing and repairing components.

Its core competencies of manufacturing, repair and design to support these products are highly valued by our customers.

Machine technology is continuing to develop at a remarkable speed. In a situation such as this, Pilfran aims to supply the most advanced machine-related products in terms of function and performance, as well as cost, quality, and service to customers.

To respond to the progress of our industrial age with the Internet at the core, Pilfran will aggressively manufacture new products for a new era, thus contributing to the progress of society.

We sincerely hope that our customers will continue to extend us their patronage and support.

Arnel F. Pilapil
President / COO

Vision & Values

At the heart/core of Pilfran Machine Shop Inc., is:


  1. To provide manufacturing of high quality machinery components.
  2. To provide competitive pricing without compromising quality.
  3. To provide exceptional customer service, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixy-five days a year; and
  4. To provide equitable and stable employment to skilled Filipino workers.


Integrity : We adhere to ethical business practice.
Diversity : We respect the uniqueness of each individual and value their contribution to the work force.
Ingenuity : We persevere to creatively address a problem, always employing our expertise, technology and experience to provide the customer our best.
Partnership : We treat our personnel and our customers like partners, believing in productivity through collaboration, trust and reciprocity.
Trust : We expect respect, dependability, and support from each member of our team, and we strive to earn, deserve, and maintain the confidence of our partners, particularly our customers.
High performance : We commit to excellence in everything we do, and we never cease trying to improve. We are passionate about achieving results that exceed expectation.

Social Responsibility
Employees & The Community

  • Pilfran ensures that employees are treated fairly and with dignity.
  • Pilfran provides employment and economic opportunities where it operates, contributing to residents' quality of life.
  • Pilfran contributes to local community by initiating and supporting cultural, religious and civic projects.
Stakeholder Relations
  • Pilfran is committed to meaningful dialogue and relevant actions with all stakeholders and will engage them in a clear, honest, and respectful way.
Health & safety
  • Pilfran is committed to protecting the health and safety of our customers, employees, suppliers and the general public by complying with government regulations, training personnel for emergency situations, and taking security initiatives.

Principal Officers

Felisa A. Francisco-Pilapil
Chairman / CEO / CFO

Arnel F. Pilapil
President / COO

Edwin F. Pilapil
VP logistics

Jose Noel F. Pilapil
VP Purchasing

Mary Grace F. Pilapil-Gumabao
VP Finance

Dexter F. Pilapil
VP Personnel & Administration

What We Do






With the use of our wide range of machine tools, raw materials are transformed into high quality machine components including metal parts, rubber, plastic parts, constructing and manufacture of machine elements, assemblies, etc.

Repair & Maintenance

Troubleshooting those "unscheduled & scheduled maintenance", our logical and systematic approach guaranties our customers restoration of machinery components back into efficient working condition.

Design & Modification

We work hand-in-hand with our customers on further improvement of their machineries. Integration of new components or machinery component enhancements are done for maximum production efficiency.


Machine tools

Computerized Numerical Controlled Machine ( CNC )
Lathe machines
Milling machines
Line boring machine
Gear hobbing machines
Slotting machines
Gleason spiral / bevel gear generator
Planing machines
Contour machines
Tig welding machine
Mig welding machine
Spot welding machine
Arc welding machine
Plasma cutter
Pipe bender
Sand blast machine
Radial drill
Tool and die cutter grinder
External & internal grinder
Surface grinder
Multi-speed double head radial drill
Hydraulic press
Portable lifter

Quality Assurance

Pilfran provides a quality assurance service by focusing on continuous quality control and process improvement. Pilfran continually invests in upgrading machinery in order to provide their clients with the best product and value possible.

Our team of professional machinists and fabricators will meet or exceed your specifications in any variety of materials, from metals to plastics.

We are fully ISO 9001:2000 / AS 9100 compliant.

Professional Training

Our staff go through an extensive training program with knowledge passed on generation after generation. Pilfran offers their employees incredible benefits and a safe, fun and friendly working environment.

Pilfran monitors the overall effectiveness of its training program, providing Shop Safety Coordinator training, conduct inspections of shop areas, assist with hands-on employee practice, and provide technical assistance

We do our best work everyday because we care. Every person, everyday at Pilfran is committed to quality and takes pride in their work.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions about our services, you may contact us through the following information:

Main Office
11 Virgo St., Pamplona Park, Las Pinas City, Philippines

320 Alabang-Zapote Road, Talon , Las Pinas City, Philippines

43 Aries St., Pamplona Park, Las Pinas City, Philippines

Telephone (63-2) 8723667 * 8725099 * 8726995 * 8734849
Mobile (63) 917-8997163
Telefax (63-2) 8752327

E-mail pilfranmachine@yahoo.com

Taxpayer Indentification Number (TIN): 001-094-970-V