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Presidents Message

Thank you for visiting our website. Pilfran has been developing businesses throughout the Philippine market as an enterprise that provides total manufacturing and repair solutions for the backend processing of manufacturing companies through the accumulation and fusion of various technologies.

It has established its position as a manufacturing and repair company by producing and repairing components.

Its core competencies of manufacturing, repair and design to support these products are highly valued by our customers.

Machine technology is continuing to develop at a remarkable speed. In a situation such as this, Pilfran aims to supply the most advanced machine-related products in terms of function and performance, as well as cost, quality, and service to customers.

To respond to the progress of our industrial age with the Internet at the core, Pilfran will aggressively manufacture new products for a new era, thus contributing to the progress of society.

We sincerely hope that our customers will continue to extend us their patronage and support.

Arnel F. Pilapil
President / COO